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Vōx invites Soft Crash (Pablo Bozzi + Phase Fatale) // Turbina

Esemény képe: Vōx invites Soft Crash (Pablo Bozzi + Phase Fatale) // Turbina
ELŐADÓK: Soft Crash, AND/OR, CRB, Ruenge, Adis is OK, Lau, Raasa, Reload
Október 20, 2023. 23:00
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Vōx invites Soft Crash to Turbina on 20th October! Join us for a night of unforgettable rhythms and electrifying beats at Turbina! Big Hall: Soft Crash https://ra.co/dj/softcrash AND/OR https://ra.co/dj/andor CRB https://ra.co/dj/crb Ruenge https://ra.co/dj/ruenge Club Room: Adis is OK https://ra.co/dj/adisisok Lau https://ra.co/dj/lau-6 Raasa https://soundcloud.com/raasa Reload https://soundcloud.com/reload Age Restriction: 18+ While we aim to accommodate everyone, please understand that if we reach full capacity, there might be a short wait as we ensure the best experience for all our partygoers. Your patience is appreciated! The organizer reserves the right to admission. It's time to hit the dancefloor, where you'll make memories that will stay with you forever. Get ready to groove the night away!